Horizon Gold Credit Card

It seems like the Horizon Gold Credit Card is a victim of two things. One of those things is their own fault, and the second one of them is at the fault of those who simply don't read anything. If someone is going to want the Horizon Gold Credit Card, they should already be able to quickly understand that the best use for this card and card like this are simply to build or establish a credit rapport for you with the three bureaus. We have seen time and time again too many people who will have applied for the Horizon Gold Credit Card and then become angry consumers saying they were misled. How are people so easily misled when the things they were misled on are the things that were printed on the page when they signed up?

Now let's talk about Horizon Gold. They really could be just a little bit more organized in the fashion the information is printed on their site. Yes, the information is there and they are very straightforward. The problem though is that it just seems to appear to be all in a straight up and down format and you would have to pay a little bit more attention to their details because of their layout. Did they perhaps do their layout that way because they know it will cause a lot more people to just skim over the information? Trust, if you are going to just skim over the terms section for the Horizon Gold Credit Card you are most definitely going to be in shock because you will have missed something really important.


They really do have a ton of fees with their Horizon Gold Credit Card that's for sure, however, if you are diligent and serious about your credit, you will comb those terms super carefully a few times and even create your own notes for each payment that will happen once you are approved. Should it have to take all of that? No, it shouldn’t take all of that. Can you find a better product online than the Horizon Gold Credit Card? Perhaps you can, unless you happen to be one of the people who have been turned down by everyone else and need to give the Horizon Gold Credit Card a try.

Give the Horizon Gold Credit Card a try isn't prohibited. As long as you would make sure to take your application with them very seriously you should be ok one would think. If anyone wants to discuss the REAL problem and REAL red flag with the Horizon Gold Credit Card then read on. The biggest issue we have with checking out the site for the Horizon Gold Credit Card is that if you are approved for the card (and you will be) where would you go to pay the bill? There is no online payment method for their card. There are no contact numbers on their website for customer service. Now, if you wanted to know something that should be the thing that stops you from applying for the Horizon Gold Credit Card, this is it.